Cainan Tucker
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Cainan Michael Tucker
Simi Valley

(from the Ventura County Star Wed. Oct. 26th, 2005)

Our Precious Cainan, 26, passed away suddenly while on a work-related trip to Las Vegas, Nev.
Cainan lived his entire life in Simi Valley, CA.  He attended Crestview Elementary School for preschool through sixth grade, Hilldside Junior High School from seventh through night grades and went on to graduate from Royal High School in 1997.

Cainan leaves behind his Mother, Linda Rose Smith, Father, Rick Tucker, Brother, Travis Tucker, Sisters, Carraine and Marisa Oldham, Grandmother Maxine Beckman, his girlfriend Mary Costanzo and hundreds of other beloved family members and wonderful friends.

Our very talented shining "
STAR" will be missed more than any words can say.  His love for music and his extreme talent will be etched in our hearts forever.

Please join us at 11 a.m. Sautrday, Oct. 29, at Cornerstone Community Church, 2080 Winifred St., Simi Valley, CA to share in
the remembrance of Cainan's life.  A celebration of Cainan's life will immediately follow at Dakota's Restaurant, 2525 Stow St.,
Simi Valley, CA.

He came into this world with his eyes wide open and from that very moment, we knew that Cainan Michael Tucker would be a unique, extraordinary, gift to the world from God.  He was known for his charisma, sense of humor, enthusiasm and individuality.  Always going against the grain and walking to the beat of his own drum.Passionate and sometimes even obsessive with whatever interests he had at  the time.  Starting with the earliest being his "Binky", Hot Wheels cars, WWF figurines, Star Wars figurines, Garbage Pail Kids, Baseball cards and Break dancing.  As he got older, his interests changed but his passion and times obsessive nature went on to include, drums, guitars, shopping at thrift stores and collecting vinyl records.  Anyone who knew Cainan knew that he was a walking encyclopedia of music.  He could tell you almost anything, about any musician that ever play, in any band, from the big band era to today.  He took pride in the fact that he owned every vinyl album that Ray Charles ever recorded.  (There is that obsession again.) He excelled at everything he attempted, including a 3.5 grade average all through school.  He mastered the drums and when a drummer that he admired told him he should learn a musical instrument, he quickly mastered the guitar.  He dabbled with the keyboard and if he wanted, he would have mastered that as well.  His talents went on to include writing music, heartfelt songs and singing.  Cainan's zest for life and knowledge encouraged him to live his life to the fullest.  Although our talented shining "Star", Mr. Personality, K-9 Clutch Popper, Cainonski, Canona, Canine, Rhinestone Cowboy, Grove Walker is no longer with us here on earth as we knew him, his legacy will live on.  We can all take comfort in knowing that our loss is Heaven's gain.  Cainan will be in our hearts and minds he plays the Ultimate "GIG" in heaven! Rock On Cainan...Rock On! 

Below view the video that Cainan's band Jabudah made in honor of Cainan.
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